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Thursday March 17, 2005

Cop Shoots Himself In The Foot While Giving Gun Safety Demonstration To Class.

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Somehow I don't think this is what this police officer had in mind when he was demonstrating the importance of gun safety to a classroom of school kids.

Also as a sidenote - Does this cop look familiar?  If ya look real close, I'd swear I've seen this guy before on episodes of the COPS TV show.

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Thursday March 17, 2005

Weight Loss - Getting With The Program In A REALISTIC Manner.

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This video is a video version of an old text blog entry.  It is being reposted here as my first official vlog entry.


  Today, I did something I rarely do. Today, I watched The Oprah Winfrey Show Today's show was her annual WEIGHT LOSS show. She had on several people who had lost weight using the Get With The Program diet plan. She also had on several other people who want to lose weight and want to try this program out for themselves. Her guest was Bob Green from Get With The Program

Needless to say I found this show very interesting, yet also kinda disturbing in some ways too.

As faithful rreaders of my blog know, I'm a firm believer in the issue of SIZE ACCEPTANCE. In fact, there's a group devoted to this very issue. It's called the INTERNATIONAL SIZE ACCEPTANCE ASSOCIATION. You can find the link to their website on the left or simply by clicking here

Among the people they had on were people who were tired of their weight and wanted to lose some of it. But there was also a woman who didn't really need to lose ANY weight at all, but simply joined her co-workers in their efforts to lose weight as an incentive to GAIN a few pounds and some strength. This is a disturbing sign because it shows that people will use diet plans for just about ANYTHING these days even though it's for all the WRONG reasons.

Diet plans are for people who want to lose weight, yet there are SCORES of people who use them for things OTHER than weight loss. And that can lead to TRAGIC results.

In fact, I drread to think of how many people with eating disorders who are in a state of denail who watched the program. It's scary because they NEVER mentioned what were the right and wrong reasons for lossing weight or for getting on that diet plan. In fact, it was NEVER discussed.

I mentioned in my LIVE video blog (NOT the one in the link to the left or above) that in order for ANY diet plan to work, you have to learn to ACCEPT YOUR SIZE. That is to accept WHO you are and that there's a VERY REAL probability that you will NEVER be able to achieve the figurre of your favorite role model, idol, etc.). I also said that as you learn to accept your size, you'll also learn WHAT (and sometimes WHO) your enemy forces are AND the fact that you'll have to learn how to deal with them and keep them in check BEFORE you attempt to go on a diet plan. But you WILL come reasonably close though.

But ONLY if you work at it and stick to the diet plan you are on.

Folks, this isn't rocket science. Nor am I some sort of "fitness expert". In fact, I know I could stand to lose a few pounds myself. But BY THE SAME TOKEN, I also realize that I have to learn to ACCEPT MY SIZE as it's WHO I AM. If I lose a few pounds - GREAT. FABULOUS. What I am saying just amounts to good ol' COMMON SENSE.

And until you (and I) learn to FULLY ACCEPT OUR SIZE, who and and/or what our enemy forces are AND how to deal with them and keep them in check, NO DIET PLAN WILL WORK. Not only that, but we'll just keep lying to ourrselves over and over again. And if we're not carreful, we could end up making choices we could end up regrretting in the future.

If you're a heavy-set person like I am, I urge you to check out the International Size Acceptance Association (ISAA) and get a membership. I plan to (No, that ain't no bull either). I'll start posting my weight every once in a while as its checked right here on my blog (Don't see any reason NOT to). If I'm going to lose weight, I'm gonna do so REALISTICALLY. How 'bout you?

Cheers for now :-)


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